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Board of Review 2018 Session

The Crawford County Board of Review session for 2018 tax year will begin Thursday, January 10, 2019. Beginning Monday, January 14, the board will meet each day in the Courthouse Annex from 10 a.m. until noon and 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. The deadline to file an assessment complaint for the 2018 tax year is Friday, February 8, 2019.

2018 Complaint Forms



When going through the appeal process, you, the property owner, are appealing the assessed value of your property, not the tax bill. The amount of the tax bill is determined by the various tax rates that are applied to the assessment based on the levies of various local
government taxing districts which include counties, townships, municipalities, school districts, etc. THE AMOUNT OF TAXES A PROPERTY OWNER PAYS CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS EVIDENCE.


You may have a legitimate complaint if you can support any of the following claims:


   The assessor’s market value is higher than actual market value. (This claim can be supported if you have recently purchased your
        property on the open market or if you supply a professional appraisal.)


   The assessed value is at a higher percentage of market value for your property than the prevailing township or county median
        level as shown in an assessment/sales ratio study; the primary assessment of the property is based on inaccurate information
        such as an incorrect measurement of a lot or building; or the assessment is higher than those of similar neighboring properties.




1.     All appeals must be made in writing on the prescribed form, which is available at the S/A office.

a.   They may be filed by the property owner or their authorized representative, and taxing bodies.

b.   The property owner or authorized representative must complete the forms.

c.   All blanks must be completed and the form signed.

d.   The owner’s opinion of value must be stated.

e.   All evidence must be submitted with the appeal.

f.     Crawford County does not allow the employees in the Chief County Assessment Office to fill out any part of

the form.  However, they may provide assistance as needed.

g.   Anyone filing an appeal on behalf of a corporation must be an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of

2.     The Board of Review will accept completed appeal forms received within 30 calendar days of the date assessment

changes are published in Crawford County newspapers.  Appeals will only be accepted for the assessment year under review.  THE DEADLINE FOR FILING APPEALS WILL NOT BE EXTENDED FOR ANY REASON.

3.     The Board will consider each appeal filed, will physically inspect the property if necessary, will compare the subject

with similar properties (not just those chosen by the appellant), and will render a tentative decision to RAISE, LEAVE
THE SAME, OR LOWER the assessment of the subject property.  The TENTATIVE DECISION will be mailed to the

4.     If the Board has not received a request for a formal hearing within 10 days, the appeal will be considered closed, and the

tentative decision will become the FINAL DECISION.

5.     The appellant may request a formal hearing within 10 days of the notice of the tentative decision if he/she is not

satisfied with the decision. When a taxpayer requests a formal hearing, he/she will be notified of the date and time to

   Hearings are scheduled in 15-minute intervals.

   Failure to appear shall result in dismissal of the complaint.

   Hearings may be rescheduled once for extenuating circumstances. Due to time constraints of the Real Estate Tax Cycle,
        more than one reschedule will not be permitted under any circumstances.

6.     After a formal hearing has been held, the Board will render a final decision, which will be mailed to the appellant.  This

decision by the Board may be appealed to the State Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) within 30 days of the notification of this final decision.

7.     Forms for use in appealing to the PTAB will be available to the taxpayer in the Supervisor of Assessments Office or online at

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