Our Generous Donors

Without the generous support of

Dr. Gus and Eula Schmidt, none of this would be possible!

Fish Fry Fundraiser June 1st 2013

Bev Turkal, R.J Rains, Jessie Wright, Kathy & Chris Arnold, Ben Sweet, Kim shaffner, Shirley Treadway, Lisa Shook

Diana Harmon. Louis Ulrey, Diane & Charlie Nickum, Jeff Boyd, Becca & Rick Netherly, Nancy McCrackin

Earl Thacker, Kenneth & Wilma Thacker, Gary & Teresa Thacker, Jeanette Berty, Fuzzy & Tadpole



Fish Fry Fundraiser June 1st 2013

Ben Sweet, Jack Murphy, Mark Grimm, Patrick Fulling, Matt Evans, jamie Henry

Vickie Ecton, Mark Grimm, Tony, Shane, Mike



2012 Donors and Volunteers

Lisa & Mark Shook – Butterfly Gardener, Scott Ackman Repair, Monicals Pizza, Barb & Ken Holbaugh,

First Robinson Savings Bank, Gloria Hatch, Louis Ulrey



BBQ Fundraiser
Jeff Shaner, Kent Johnson, Vickie Ecton, Jessie Wright, Shirley Thacker, Diana Harmon, Wanda James, Shirley Treadway,

Christopher Bautista, Jamie Henry, Charlie & Diane Nickum, Jim & Carol Jaeger, Twila & Mark Brayfield, Jeff Boyd & Vickie Mae



Fish Fry Fundraiser - May 12
Jeff Shaner, Mikayala Neese, Doug Graupman, Paul & Shirley Thacker, Marlene Anderson, Michael Garrard, Sheriff Todd Liston

Cindy Grimm, Wanda James, Mikey Walton, Sarah Ruhol, Jessie Wright, Chris Fulling, Don Richart, Dave Fulling, Pam Murphy

Jack Murphy, Tanner Miller, Mindy Evans, Jacob Jones, Aurther & Janie Baker, Lynn McCleave, Twila Walls, Mark Brayfield, Mary Orey Vickie May, Jeff Boyd, Rod Harmon, Jamie Henry, Johnna Hoalt, Darby Dishong, Bailey McMIllen, Dave Brown, Monical Lingle

Bryan Chapman, Bob & Kathy Aldrich Brooke Smith



Marathon Volunteer Work Day - May 5

 Jace and Deanna Woodworth, Greg and Amy Rich, Chuck McDonald, Genie White, Kevin Smalley, Jason Musgrave

Kirk Bailey, Kathy Staller, Tim and Sam Rains, Steve Atteberry, Les Midgett, Dave Dix, Mark Stone, Chris Holmes

Jonná Montgomery, Anna Morris, Carolyn Parker, Sherry Horton, Crystal DavisGary, DenckerShawn, and

Kristin and Clayton Avery, Brian Wilson, Travis Beltz, Cory Sheets, Don Condrey, Scott Spencer 



First Robinson Savings bank cook out fundraiser April 13th

Don Richart, Paul Thacker, Cindy Grimm, Darby Dishong, Valerie Vermilya


Leadership Crawford County fundraiser at Monicals on February 14t

Lynn McCleave, Kevin Bowers, Johanna Hoalt, Doug Graupman




2011 Donors and Volunteers

We want to express our gratitude for the following businesses

and volunteers who made the Native American Dance festival a success.

Without them it would not have been possible:



AFSCME Union donation

Silverthorne Chevrolet

First Robinson Savings Bank

Marathon Petroleum LP

Robinson Chamber of Commerce

Robinson IGA

First National Bank

Casey State Bank

Crawford Memorial Hospital

Rides Mass Transit

Anonymous Benefactor

Kemper CPA Group LLC

Larry Waldrop

Dave Stephens

Monicals Pizza of Robinson

Best Western Hotel


Steve Fulling Farms

Mark & Lisa Shook

Tim Mullens

Shook Wrecker Service

Bill Lewis Bulldozing



Kevin Bowers and LTC Baseball Team

Mark Grimm

Alisa Woodard

Wanda James

Kathy Arnold

Twila Walls

Shirley Thacker

Boy Scout Troup #901

Mindy Fulling

Lynn McCleave

Sarah Ruholl

Jamie Henry

Brian Garrard

Kyrann Callahan

Shelby Bruner

Doug Graupman

Al Kargle

Daniel Cox

Dave Brown

Jack Murphy

DeAnna Chrysler

Zeb Chrysler

Rod Harmon

Jeff Shaner

Diane Nickum

Charlie Nickum

Terryl Postlewaite

Leonard Sissil

Rick, Beth, Becca Nethery

Katie Turkel

Dorothy Hollingsworth

Ron Green

Chris Rich

Valerie Vermilya

Matt Evans

Crawford County Sheriffs Auxiliary



The following people helped raise money on

June 25, 2011 BBQ and on May 14, 2011 Fish fundraiser

to pay for Native American Dance festival:


Jeff Boyd & Vickie Mae

Jessie Wright

Dave Brown

Jeff Shaner

Mindy Fulling

Glenda Fulling

Chris Fulling

Charlie & Diane Nickame

Mikayla Neese

Shirley Thacker

Zeb Chrysler

Jeff Boyd

Twila Walls

Jeff Shaner

Jack Murphy

Jim & Carol Jaeger


RHS Student Volunteers

Brenda McMillen

Nekya Waldrop

Gage Daugherty

Cassidy Sowle

Brendon Thompson

Mikayla Neese

Heather Murphy

Kelsey Dirks

Caityn Hodson

Bridgette Ludwig


Regions bank Community cleanup day @ Forest Preserve: Glenda Fulling, Michael Garrard, Rebecca Stephens, Tonya Smith, Rita Rich and grandson Bryer Kitts,

Scott Phegley and son George, Doug Heidorn, Sammy and Logan Mehler


Character Counts Cleanup Day, Oblong Junior High School 7th & 8th graders.


Roger Zerkle % Zerkle Diversified Enterprise – Use of Equipment cut logs




2010 Donors and Volunteers

The following people / businesses donated either time, material or use of equipment

It is because of them we came in under budget and had enough money

to finish additional projects:


Larry Waldrop – Equipment, Advice, time & materials

James Wolfe Owner JB Waste – Made parking lot at cost.

Paul & Shirley Thacker – Tractor, donated equipment, fuel, truck & hundreds of hour’s labor with a positive attitude – thank you!!

Ambraw Asphalt – Donated use of equipment, labor and discounted services

Murray Concrete – Use of equipment & labor.

R & L Concrete – Materials, use of equipment

Connor & Connor – Discounted services.

Lincoln Trail College welding program – Made grills as class project.

Chris Thurman trenching – Reduced rate.

Crawford County title – Reduced rate.

Stan Poole – Donated material.

Ectons true value – Donated use of rental equipment.

David Richart – Donated material and labor.

Paul Postlewaite – Use of equipment.

Curt Armstrong – Donation of farm equipment.

Matt Evans – Donated labor and built the web site.

Lewis Bulldozing – Donated use of equipment, service and labor.

Zach Hays – Eagle Scout project, built wooden walk bridge.

Andrew Scott – Eagle Scout project, built 15 picnic tables.

Mike Emmerich – Adult supervision on picnic table project.

Bev Turkal – Presentations before referendum vote. Behind the scenes planning and preparations.

Barbara Webster – Presentations before referendum vote. Advice on grants.

Mark & Lisa Shook – Donated labor & materials for butterfly garden.

Pamela Murphy – Donated labor & material flower garden. Planning & prep

Jack Murphy – Labor

Shirley Treadway – Donation to put Forest Preserve on county web page.

Martha Obst – Donate picnic table in memory of Tom Obst.
Jerry Waldrop – Labor

Judy Hyre – Labor

Lenae Mrohs – Labor

Glen Donaldson – Labor

Dave Brown – Labor.

Chase Runyon – Labor

Brandon Kitts – Labor

Kelly Kitts – Labor

Bryor Kitts – Labor

Greg Parrott – Labor

Michelle Garrard – Labor

Mindy Fulling – Labor

Chris Fulling – Labo

Gary Barksdale – Labor

Larry McCammon – Donated Labor

Dino Carter – Labor

Janice Robinson – Labor

Sheriff LIston – Labor

Beth & Rick Netherly – Donated labor

Wabash Valley FS – Donated Use of equipment

Crawford County Computers – Labor

Jerry Ping Trucking – Donated Use of equipment

Russell Snyder – Labor

Glenda Fulling – Labor, support and many hours of patience.

Charles Nickum – Labor

Joe Bliss – Donation

Steve Turpin – Reduced rate on services

Bob Crocker – Reduced rate on services

Everett & Betty McCormick – Many hours of labor.

Meiszner Landscaping & Design – Donated Material


The Current and past Crawford County Building and

Grounds committee including Ron Veenstra, John Sutfin,

Sheriff Liston and Ron Williamson.


Leadership Crawford County – Fund raiser for extended walk paths.

Planning & logistics for future projects. Headed up by Michael Garrard.

The Crawford County Volunteer Oversight Committee

for many hours of preparation and planning.


Special thanks to Don Richart who helped me keep my focus and hundreds of hours labor helping on any and all projects in the rain and cold anytime I needed help.


Thank You Crawford County!


David Fulling