We are now accepting payments online.  This  option is available for Traffic tickets and Closed court cases only. 


*You can only pay for cases you have plead guilty or been found guilty by the court.  Also, you can pay online if are on supervision or owe restitution in a juvenile matter. You will need your case number to pay online!

Please feel free to call our office at (618) 544-3512 for your case number.

*TRAFFIC* The Crawford County Circuit Clerk's Office handles only tickets issued within Crawford County. This office is responsible for the maintenance of records and the collection of fine monies. Payment for fines may be made online, with cash, money order or certified check. Most traffic cases are retained for 2 years, then destroyed pursuant to Statute. Other cases are held for a longer period of time.


*There will be a 3.5% convenience fee collected by COURTMONEY.COM to use this service.

To pay through Court Money you will need a form code number (this is the type of case you are paying for) and your case number.


Form Code Numbers






*The Circuit Clerk’s office also accepts cash, money orders, and cashiers checks.



Payments will be applied to oldest case first unless instructed differently by the court.

Payments can be mailed to:

Angela Reinoehl

PO Box 655

Robinson, IL  62454