Contact Information


Groundskeeper for reservations or questions please call 618-553-0805

or send an email to


Volunteer Oversight Committee

Chairman Dave Fulling – 618-544-9337

Michael L Garrard – 217-549-2810

Paul Thacker – 618-544-8003

Joe Dennis – 618-592-3035

Vickie Ecton – 618-553-0522

Jamie Henry – 618-554-2082

Rod Harmon – 618-544-4416



Don Richart 618-544-7176
Sheriff Liston 618-544-1515 x102
B. Turkal 618-544-3183



Crawford County Building & Grounds Committee

The building and Grounds committee reports any deficiencies of

County owned Buildings or property to the County board. It is our

responsibility to maintain buildings and property owned by the County.


The Crawford County Forest Preserve has a volunteer oversight Committee responsible for vision and the future of the Preserve. However, the preserve still falls under the Building &


Grounds committee for any possible deficiencies.

Below is contact information for members of the Crawford County Building & Grounds Committee. New committees are appointed after each county election every 2 years.


Chairman – David Fulling 618-544-9337

Sheriff Rutan 618-544-1515 ext. 2