Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Circuit Clerk’s office?

The Office of the Circuit Clerk is located on the second floor of the Crawford County Court House.

Where are the courtrooms?

Courtrooms are located on the third floor. 


What are the Circuit Clerk’s office hours?

The Office of the Circuit Clerk is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM  M-F


How do I get a copy of a marriage or death certificate?



How do I get on supervision for my traffic ticket?

You must contact the State’s Attorney office for supervision.  Their number is (618) 546-1505


How can I pay fines or court costs?

Fines can be paid online you can access the link for paying online by clicking the payments tab in the menu.

The Circuit Clerk’s office also accepts cash, cashier’s checks, or money orders.



Can Circuit Clerk employees help me with my legal problem?

The staff of the Circuit Clerk’s office is always available to answer your questions.  However, employees are prohibited from giving legal advice of any kind.



Do I have to pay my fine in person?

You do not have to pay your fine in person. Any petty traffic offense that does not require a court appearance can be paid by U.S. Mail.


How do I get copies of court records?

All records that are not sealed by the court are available for viewing by anyone.  Copies are

available for a small fee.


When can marriages or civil unions be performed?

Mon-Fri depending on the court schedule.  Please call in advance (618) 544-3512.  You must have your marriage certificate 24 hours in advance from the County Clerk (618) 546-1212.