Everybody has the right to represent themselves in court.  However, please be aware filing any legal action can be a complicated procedure for those not trained in doing so.  The Circuit Clerk’s office recommends all litigants seek legal advice before filing any documents with the court.  Staff of the Circuit Clerk’s office are not attorneys and are strictly prohibited from providing legal advice under Title 28 U.S.C. Section 955.

Below are links to court forms that can be completed and printed for scanning, and electronically filed, by attorneys or self-represented litigants to streamline the judicial process.

Illinois Legal Aid

This site will help you prepare your documents. It will ask you questions and you will enter your answers. At the end of the program, you will get a completed set of court forms with instructions that you can save and print.

Illinois Legal Aid Form Library

Statewide Forms

The Illinois Supreme Court has set out a formal process for the development, review and approval of standardized forms in areas of law and practice where there is a high volume of self-represented litigants. The forms are more user-friendly and required to be accepted by all courts in the state.

Illinois Court Statewide Forms


Illinois Second Judicial Circuit
The Illinois Second Judicial Circuit has developed standardized forms unique to our circuit.  Please look through these forms to see if they are applicable to your situation.

Second Judicial Circuit Forms