• MAIN OFFICE, Crawford County Annex Building, 100 Douglas St., Robinson, IL 62454

  • PURPOSE, Crawford County Treasurer’s Office’s purpose is to provide services to both Crawford County local governments and the Citizens of Crawford County covering a variety of financial topics including mailing, collecting and distributing property taxes and performing treasury services to Crawford County Government.

  • FREEDOM OF INFORMATION (FOIA) OFFICER-Crawford County Treasurer’s Office’s freedom of information officer is the Crawford County Treasurer, Twyla Bailey, P. O. Box 204, Robinson, IL 62454

  • OTHER LOCATIONS- All Crawford County Banks collect real estate and mobile home taxes until due date.

  • EMPLOYEES-Crawford County Treasurer’s Office currently employees 3 full-time employees, this includes the County Treasurer.

  • FOI PROCEDURES-Interested parties can request information in any way convenient to them. In-person and mailed requests should be made at the Annex Building, 100 Douglas St., Robinson, IL 62454. It is preferred that requests be made in writing and a simple form is available to assist to requestor if they so choose. Requests can be faxed to 618-544-5314, attention Crawford County Treasurer’s Office. E-Mail requests can be sent The FOI officer reserves the right to require written requests for information.

  • CRAWFORD COUNTY TREASURER’S OFFICE OVERSIGHT-The Crawford County Treasurer’s Office budget is governed by the 10 member Crawford County Board who are elected at large to a two or four year term. The office is controlled by the Treasurer who is elected at large in Crawford County to a four year term. The Crawford County Treasurer has broad discretion over internal control of the personnel, practices, funds and policies within the Treasurer’s office.